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i was that guy on that thing that time
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rhys vildgren @rhysvildgren ∙ Jun 16
does anyone really live without coffee though?                        
rhys vildgren @rhysvildgren ∙ Feb 14 a thing i did that time.

Raw Pages @raw ∙ Feb 4
Word Play with Rhys Vildgren

rhys vildgren @rhysvildgren ∙ Feb 27 i want to know if he used a lifeline

rhys vildgren @rhysvildgren ∙ Feb 27 my sister says i can't have nice things. i say she's getting replaced.

rhys vildgren @rhysvildgren ∙ Feb 27 the real question is why.

rhys vildgren @rhysvildgren ∙ Feb 27 i don't know why i am on here like i know what i am doing. spoiler i do not know what i am doing


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