rhys vildgren
emilie @hitemhi ∙ 17m okay but is no one going to answer if rhys vildgren and jamie daniels are lowkey dating? they keep 'going' places together                        
bea 🐝 @PrincessBea ∙ 18m ...did you miss tolkien?

boba is life @bobagirl01 ∙ 1h
lady jane @ladyjanegrey ∙ 20m Are you 12? Do you even follow Rhys Vildgren's career? He's an indy star at best. Don't get me wrong I adore him, but be realistic, even he knows where his career is at. Besides, Jamie Daniels could sing circles around most people out these days. Go back to your hole.

coco @coco4lyfe ∙ 1h
I don't understand why he's even spending time with her? She's a one hit wonder in the pop world and he's a movie star. Why??? 😭
carla @carlaisnotak ∙ 34m so let's see if i can get through this seriously:
- tolkien
- outlaw king
- dunkirk
- medici
- vikings
- game of thrones

then we get to the embarrassing ones
- immortals
- clash of the titans
- sorry rhys vildgren i can't do it, those are too funny
frannie 👱🏻‍♀️ @fransolo ∙ 1h Okay wait did Rhys Vildgren shave his head or something? is he losing his hair? What is this new 'short' business haircut? It gots ta go                        
camila jaylin @cammijay ∙ 1h I am hoping to god rhys vildgren did it for a role otherwise wtf?

BelaSays @Belasaysstuff ∙ 2h
What is that on his face? #creepystache
holden @holdenmyhand ∙ 1h saw the most random movie the other day and rhys vildgren was in it as nikola tesla. i didn't know i needed this in my life and yet...                        
j e s s a l y n n @thebaggotthecat ∙ 25m i've never cared about history, but suddenly rhys vildgren has me googling florentine bankers from the 1500s #mediciwho                        
tyler williams @tytynotthanks ∙ 1h what the ever loving fuck was the sexy dark ages and why was rhys vildgren in it?                        
james @james.now ∙ Jan 7 welp it's settled, i now have to tell my mom that i'm coming out because of Rhys Vildgren in tolkien, my poor little nerd heart
Jack Taylor @imjacktaylor ∙ Jan 7 I'm happy for my bro Rhys Vildgren and what's coming this year. Keep on man!

Rhys Vildgren Fans @RhysVildgrenFans ∙ Jan 7
Look at the movies coming out this year!!!!

🎥 @RhysVildgren – Cherry
🎥 @RhysVildgren - The Devil All the Time

jayla @jaybaysay ∙ Jan 7 welp rhys vildgren just became my new wallpaper
bill geller @notbillnye ∙ Jan 8 Rhys Vildgren & Jamie Daniels are two peas in a pod. Saw them Irish dip from a premiere a few weeks back. I might be jealous                        
laura believes 👽 @theremightbealiens ∙ Jan 10 I keep trying to put out those good vibes that rhys vildgren is going to finally figure out how to pretend he's into premieres. Wish me luck guys                        

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